02 Feb

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Welcome to your wedding day. With the stress of planning behind you, you might think the big day will be easy-breezy, and it should be -- as long as you can navigate these six potential stress bombs.

Weddings come with a host of heavy emotions, especially when your son or daughter is the star of the show. Some moms might be adept at handling stress, while others might teeter closer to meltdown territory. If you know your mom or future MIL might get a little testy, plan to keep your distance. (If you'll be getting your hair and makeup done at 10am, schedule her appointment for noon.) Hang a sign that reads: "Stress-Free Zone: Bride and Bridesmaids Only Beyond This Point" on your hotel suite. If a manic mama busts in anyway, appoint a bridesmaid to run interference, steering her gently toward the door before she asks if she can quickly rearrange some tables on your seating chart.

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