07 Jul

So Much To Do at the Beaches of San Diego

If San Diego is known for one thing, it would be for our gorgeous beaches. With 70 miles of pristine coastline, year-around sunshine and mild temperatures, you can enjoy the surf and sand almost any day of the year. For visitors and locals alike, the beach is a veritable wonderland and the place to spend entire days with family and friends. 

From expansive sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, reefs, tide pools and everything in between, the beaches in San Diego are as varied as the California beach towns that were built around them. Discover beaches perfect for families and dogs, beaches coveted by the world’s top surfers, or to enjoy a fire, play volleyball, spot sea creatures or simply relax and people watch. One thing’s for sure, on any given day at any beach in San Diego, you’ll find a front row seat to a magnificent display of the western sky as the sun descents into the Pacific.

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